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Wind Power and Coal-Fired Projects: Both Denied

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    Wind Power and Coal-Fired Projects: Both Denied

    Here are two current news stories reflecting two different perspectives. The first is a wind power article. The second is about a coal-fired power plant. I find the juxtaposition of these two stories to be interesting.

    ***I find Ted Kennedy’s involvement and his reasons for denying this project quite illuminating.
    Cape Cod Commission denies Cape Wind application

    Fri Oct 19, 2007 11:34am EDT
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Cape Cod Commission in Massachusetts Thursday denied Cape Wind's application to bury electric cables needed to connect its proposed 420-megawatt offshore wind farm in the Nantucket Sound to the state power grid.

    Cape Wind said in a release that it would challenge the Commission decision. The Cape Cod Commission is a local organization created by the state in 1990 to manage growth and protect Cape Cod's natural resources.

    Sen. Ted Kennedy and many residents who own coastal property from where they could see the wind turbines on a clear day oppose the project along with some environmental groups concerned about disrupting the patterns of migratory birds and the potential effect on local sea life...

    ....Due in part to an increase in global demand for steel and wind turbines, Cape Wind now expects the project to cost about $1 billion [2x the original cost] and the permitting process to continue through 2008 or beyond...

    Power Plant Rejected Over Carbon Dioxide For First Time

    By Steven Mufson
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, October 19, 2007; Page A01

    The Kansas Department of Health and Environment yesterday became the first government agency in the United States to cite carbon dioxide emissions as the reason for rejecting an air permit for a proposed coal-fired electricity generating plant, saying that the greenhouse gas threatens public health and the environment.

    The decision marks a victory for environmental groups that are fighting proposals for new coal-fired plants around the country. It may be the first of a series of similar state actions inspired by a Supreme Court decision in April that asserted that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide should be considered pollutants under the Clean Air Act.
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    We need nucular power like yesterday. The technology is there.
    No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out