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animal kingdom and adoptions.

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    animal kingdom and adoptions.

    animal kingdom and adoptions,
    why some animals adopt other species cubs[even some predators adopt the cubs of their pray]?

    My guess would be maternal instinct.
    You realize that the males of MANY species will kill their own offspring. Or offspring of other males.

    The lion is well known for this. If an intruding male defeats the alpha male of a pride and takes over..he will attempt to kill all of the defeated males offspring and start over again with only his.

    Bears also. But not to gain control of the females..just to get rid of competition for food and maybe get the mother back into heat prematurely.

    The maternal instinct is a very powerful force. And thank God it exists. The mothers usually give it all they have before accepting the inevitable.

    All in all I guess it's all to do with the survival of the fit. And when a species adopts another that is survival of the fittest maternal instincts.
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