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Ten Inventors Who Shaped Our World

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  • Ten Inventors Who Shaped Our World

    Can you name what they invented:

    10. Nicolaus Otto
    9. Archimedes of Syracuse
    8. Mikhail Kalashnikov
    7. Alan Turing
    6. Wilbur and Orville Wright
    5. Hero of Alexandria
    4. James Watt
    3. Nikola Tesla
    2. Thomas Edison
    1. Leonardo da Vinci

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    7. Alan Turing - Computers and computer science
    4. James Watt - Improvements to the steam engine
    2. Edison - Many but best known for the lightbulb
    6. Wright Brothers - The airplane
    10. Otto - Some kind of engine

    Should know Leonardo da Vinci but???


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      hehe. the same picture is used for both hero and archimedes.


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        Originally posted by antiquity
        hehe. the same picture is used for both hero and archimedes.
        Good catch... I imagine that you probably knew them both. His inventions included steam power and windmills.

        Some people call him Heron of Alexandria.

        Here is a picture



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          Well, neither photo is contemporaneous so we don't know what he looked like. The one you provided is speculation on the part of the German artist. He was born in Egypt, his "Greek" nationality has not been confirmed. He was exposed to the concepts that provided the basis for his 'inventions' through the education he received in Egypt.

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