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    In my univers right as earth passes by the gun fires.

    So if the bullet has a speed of 3000ft/sec then earth would be 33 times faster. So our little planet wins if they travel in the same orbit.(which they won't) So you got it right.

    Originally posted by Rbrauer
    I'm just guessing at some of this , but yeah I think it would go faster.
    IF we are talking about the same starting point, and I'm assuming the speeds are both the same at the time the firing of said 'bullet' is fired.
    The bullet would be subject to the same gravitational pull from the sun, but the bullet it'self has much less mass and less of it's own gravitational pull. The addition velocity would cause it to extend it's orbit..
    Again mostly just guessing from me.

    EDIT.. unless your talking about a stone cold start, in which case the bullet would lose as the velocity would be much less than what the Earth is currently at.
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      Newton's first Law

      That depends upon what direction it is fired... If it is fired toward the earth, provided it doesn't hit any space junk, it will burn up in the atmosphere. If it is fired parallel to the earth, it will go in in a slowly decaying orbit until it burns up in the atmosphere, provided it doesn't hit anything first. If it is fired away from the earth, it will continue forever unless it is acted upon by the gravitational pull of a body, or it strikes something.

      For more information on Newton's first Law


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        Here's what it will sound like:


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          The only thing to stop it would be gravity. Projectile would still drop due to gravity and as it only has one hit would not escape. The solar system has lots of gravity. Compare projectile velocities around 1km/s and low earth orbit which is around ten times that.