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exist life after death?

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    I don't think this should be in the Science Forum... perhaps the Advocacy Forum would be a better place....

    Based on String Theory, there should be plenty of room in one or another of the other infinite "Parallel" Universes. Of course, if there are beings in those universes too, they might need somewhere to go too. If we're reincarnated (in any universe) and remember our prior lives, why do so few people actually make that claim (many of them are called "nuts"); and if we're reincarnated and don't remember (no brain = no memory) then it doesn't much matter. Recent experimentation has indicated that the deja vu and "out of body" feelings can be caused by electrical stimulation of brain areas so I don't believe that they are valid explanations. I also think that Heaven and Hell are inventions of organized religion. Therefore, we should just choose the religion that has an answer that we like, or that "we can live with" and go with that.
    Think about it - if we REALLY knew the answer, AND remembered, then would we keep taking our own lives until we came up with one that we liked? Like rolling the dice until you got the number you wanted....
    My opinions,


      check out this article. food for thought.

      The studies are very significant in that we have a group of people with
      no brain function ... who have well-structured, lucid thought processes
      with reasoning and memory formation at a time when their brains are shown
      not to function,'' Sam Parnia, one of two doctors from Southampton General
      Hospital in England who have been studying so-called near-death
      experiences (NDEs), told Reuters in an interview.
      ``We need to do much larger-scale studies, but the possibility is
      certainly there'' to suggest that consciousness, or the soul, keeps
      thinking and reasoning even if a person's heart has stopped, he is not
      breathing and his brain activity is nil, Parnia said.

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        Originally posted by adi chicago
        i red the bible too todd.i just dont know if in hell they allow beer and cigarets?just joking.we live already in hell.
        I just found your question very intriguing since I don't believe in heaven or hell as both are commonly thought of in Orthodox Christianity.


          Originally posted by Le Type Fran├žais
          I just found your question very intriguing since I don't believe in heaven or hell as both are commonly thought of in Orthodox Christianity.
          are you orthodox todd?me too.
          the neuropathic pain just kills me sometimes.
          to be honest i belive in god.
          life on earth is controled by a super power.
          we call this super intelligence god.


            No, I'm not Orthodox at all. I believe that all men are saved and will be reconciled to God. Yes, people will be righteously punished for their works but they will still be with God for eternity.

            Most of the early church fathers taught this, particularly Origen. Augustine was the one most responsible for the doctrine of eternal torment in literal fire entering the church. It's very sad because it eventually became the dominant belief to scare people into submission.