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Logistics of Participating in Research/Clinical Trials

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    Logistics of Participating in Research/Clinical Trials

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, so please put it wherever it belongs.

    Have any of you participated in in-depth research/clinical trials that required a lengthy time commitment?

    If so, how did you manage it with life, work, responsibilities, etc.?

    I was invited to participate in an interventional research opportunity where they would place me in a group, provide me with a treatment (may or may not be placebo), and then conduct extensive PT while under electronic stimulation of my spinal cord. Given the news lately of success in Complete Paras (I'm T9/10 ASIA A) to move, stand, and walk given spinal stimulation to bridge the injured part of their spinal cord, I was excited to be offered this opportunity. I was excited until I realized it required a lengthy (many months) commitment to participating in PT 5 days a week in two specific places in the country. Neither of those places are within reasonable daily driving distance (4+ hours each way). Additionally, the research group cannot provide housing/locality assistance.

    Are only people who live near these locations expected to participate or have any of you actually used your own funds to relocate and participate in studies like these? If you relocated, how did you afford it and manage your everyday life like I questioned above?

    I definitely want to be part of the cure, especially if it means I get to benefit now, but with multiple kids, wife, and a full time job it would be utterly impossible (if not just logistically impractical) to leave everything for half a year to participate.

    Fascinating question! Dying to see whether there are answers. I’m curious as to how you were “invited” to participate?


      I signed up to be contacted for any research I'm qualified for, based on my injury, through University of Louisville. You can go to their website to look at all on-going work and fill out a profile. I signed up a few years ago now and have been contacted twice. Unfortunately both times required relocation for an extended period and I had to turn them down.

      Here is their website: