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Massive advancement in genetics!

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  • Massive advancement in genetics!

    This video is really encouraging about the progress of genetics, and genetic therapies the new advancement called crisper, could greatly expedite things! I'm wondering if Dr. Blackmore and his work with spinal cord injury will be able to benefit from this.

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    Nice video. I think this is part of the "Regrow Act" that is in Congress but probably on hold because of the elections. Gene editing is part of the future and I think it will part of SCI cure and hopefully sooner.


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      Yeah it was really interesting to realize how long they have actually been working at it, and how much success they have already had! I feel like this new breakthrough, will really speed things up I just hope Dr. Blackmore is able to take advantage of it; it seems like he's the only one looking at the genetic approach to solving SCI. I feel like it will be the last thing on the politicians radar unfortunately though. We the afflicted would have to help make that happen


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        When it comes to gene editing we need someone like Steve Jobs to take us to the next level. We do not know all who is working on SCI gene editing but one thing might lead to another thing. It is like if they can fix that then why not this and it can all add up. I think there is a revolution going on with immunotheraphy to fight all kinds of cancer and it is in its infancy. Who would have thought of that many years ago. Hopefully Dr. Blackmore and many others are on it.