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  • Science and our future

    I am always looking outside the box for things that stretch the imagination to its limits yet fall within the realm of reality. Here are a few finds that I think are food for thought.

    This first video involves the increasing sophistication of prosthetics. A couple of exoskeleton type devices have been discussed and viewed in CC Forums. At best they are rather primitive and of little practical use. Some CC members disparage related R&D efforts, preferring that the money spent on them be invested in cure focused research. While waiting for a cure would it not be great to have a device with the functionality of the prostheses demonstrated in this video?

    I found this next video to most provocative.
    If it became possible to graft two precisely cut spinal cord ends together in a way that enabled them to properly function, treatment of our SCI could consist of transplanting our head onto the body of someone who is brain dead. Think it is far-fetched? Watch this video and you will be left wondering. Any volunteers?
    Here is a complete text version of the HEAVEN project.
    You all know about functifonal electrical stimulation. Here is a somewhat different version. Maybe we will one day be able ta walk with a walking aide (person).

    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    That third video was a lot like how I spent my morning today. I work with engineering grad students in the University of Texas Rehabilitation and Neuromuscular Robotics Lab. Today I worked with a student who used electrodes to detect my attempt at closing my fist and then used that signal to power a robotic prosthesis that augmented my weak grip. The device is big and clunky and not ready for real world use, but the concepts are proven and just need the usual smaller/faster/cheaper development.


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      Our tech companies with their unlimited resources could greatly accelerate these projects,but the important work on self driving cars and face morphing photography comes first.


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        I've heard of those technologies and find the last one very intriguing.
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