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The brain can heal it self with help!

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  • The brain can heal it self with help!

    This is pretty amazing!! Watch till the end to see results in primate, we live in an exciting time!

    "Through treating everything from strokes to car accident traumas, neurosurgeon Jocelyne Bloch knows the brain's inability to repair itself all too well. But now, she suggests, she and her colleagues may have found the key to neural repair: Doublecortin-positive cells. Similar to stem cells, they are extremely adaptable and, when extracted from a brain, cultured and then re-injected in a lesioned area of the same brain, they can help repair and rebuild it. "With a little help," Bloch says, "the brain may be able to help itself."
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    Cool. So the answer was in our heads this whole time. I just hate the f regulations and regulations never allowing things move faster. Could it not be something similar for the spinal cord as well?


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      Sailvo, there are so many impatient folks and no shortage of fraudulant criminals that we all demand protection from that has created an atmosphere for caution, even over caution. Playing with the cells in someone's brain, or spinal column is not something to be done lightly. So testing and studying the results and then many occurrences of attempting to replicating the results time and time again until an assumed procedure is perfected, That is why such regulations were created. In my short 76 years I have watched many fantastic things like these be perfected. What pushes such thing along more quickly is armed conflicts, where the absolute loss of life is obvious, and an extreme measure can be attempted, without fear of recrimination.