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autonomic nervous system might not be autonomic

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    autonomic nervous system might not be autonomic

    Please move this post to the appropriate section.

    Here is an interesting documentary:

    Interesting fella has control of his autonomic nervous system.

    If some of this/these techniques rediscovered by this man turned out to be repeatable ? there are implications for us with spinal cord injury. If we can control our autonomic nervous system ? then we could regulate or have better control of our immune system and thus heal. There seems to be a lot of untapped potential here.

    After listening to a recent podcast, it appears that Harvard will be doing some studies with the Iceman, Wim Hof- who has proven that he can regulate his own endocrine and autonomic system. Wild!


    Yes, very interesting. I've tried to apply the idea that we control our perception so that I don't feel so cold. I think it helped!