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Baby Albatross Stomach Contents Illustrate Our Pollution of Earth

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    I reuse bags of all sorts, then eventually it is all tossed, but the packaging, yes it is so much! is there no way to have less packaging?!
    and how can the general public affect that linear chain of consumer ->trash evolution? much of my trash is recycled, but I would like to have less stuff to recycle. one is no more bottled water. I have reuseable stainless drinking cans, and thermoses, but I can taste the plastic from the cap. everything I buy is in loads and loads of plastic. not to mention the cathing stuff I am trowing away.



      A newly discovered ocean gyre exists in the Atlantic, according to a National Geographic report.

      The Atlantic Garbage Patch sits several hundred miles off North America and covers a patch roughly equivalent to the distance between Cuba and Virginia. That’s more than 1000 miles.


      The Atlantic gyre is currently made up of about 500,000 plastic and trash bits per square mile, but is expected to continue growing. A disturbing fact, considering the 1.9 million bits per square mile contained within the Pacific gyre.

      The best way to help prevent these gyres from growing is to faithfully recycle plastics. But first our attitude toward plastic must change. If we understand that plastic is a reusable resource, rather than garbage, we can begin to lessen our impact on the oceans and the planet as a whole.


        use refillable lighters instead of disposables. same with shaving razer, and rechargeable batteries. batteries can often be recycled through local elementary schools.


          lots of bottle caps, and small pieces of bright plastic. disturbing. the caps are not accepted as recycleable. they are thrown away.