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NYT article: Depression's Upside

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  • NYT article: Depression's Upside

    This fascinating and relevant article can be viewed in entirety at:

    The article describes a theory that depression frequently occurs when a life event triggers intense rumination and withdrawal from normal activities. A particular part of the brain (VLPFC) is hyperactivated in depression.
    The "VLPFC doesn’t just lead us to fixate on our depressing situation; it also leads to an extremely analytical style of thinking...
    The downcast mood and activation of the VLPFC are part of a “coordinated system” that, Andrews and Thomson say, exists “for the specific purpose of effectively analyzing the complex life problem that triggered the depression.” If depression didn’t exist — if we didn’t react to stress and trauma with endless ruminations — then we would be less likely to solve our predicaments. Wisdom isn’t cheap, and we pay for it with pain."

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    Interesting read... thanks!


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      I believe the life of Abraham Lincoln proves this article's premise to be a correct one.
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        This is a great article, thanks.