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    I've visited this chart several times in the last month. I've shown my sons and referred to it after we watched a show on the Discovery Channel. The history of life on earth has held a place in my imagination since about first grade and this brings a lot of information in a graphic way. Thanks!
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      Amazing how long it took complex animal life to emerge. We imagine ourselves dominant, but we represent only the tiniest fraction of life that has existed on Earth.
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        just saw an article about a recent homid fossil find that was mistakenly headlined as another "missing link" to modern humans. The article goes on to say that it is probably just a branch of the primate family, not a direct ancestor to humans. This chart is a great way to see how many dead end evolutionary paths there have been. It would be neat if there were still other homo species in existence like it was back in the Ice Age.

        since we are supposedly in the middle of another great extermination, I wonder what this diagram will look like in another hundred years?