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On Darwin's Birthday, Gallup Poll shows that only 4 in 10 believe in Evolution

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    Originally posted by JimD View Post
    As I understand it, the real problem that fundamentalists have with evolution is that it removes the need for 'salvation', and the need to accept Jesus as your 'personal savior'. Specifically, for a literal believer in the bible, Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden - as a result of this, all humans are born in a state of 'Original Sin' - to rectify that, Jesus was born and sacrificed himself, to absolve us from this.

    So - to a fundamentalist - accepting evolution also means acknowledging that the Garden of Eden story is a myth. If it's a myth - no original sin, no need for salvation; it undercuts the basis of their beliefs.

    This is why biblical literalists cannot and will not compromise on evolution. As long as they pin their faith on a literal interpretation of Old Testament stories, they have no philosophical room to accept modern biology.

    Education is the key, but there are many that don't wish to be educated because it would mean abandoning their spiritual comfort zone.
    That is the way I understand it also. It's good thing these fundamentalist didn't hold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk dear to their hearts, we would be genetically engineering bean plants to grow into the heavens.


      Ahhh God?... scaring the living piss out of humankind for eons and still going strong