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The Smart Car: better mileage and amazingly good crash protection

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    Originally posted by Wesley View Post
    I was looking at these cars at the local dealership which is located next to my dentist. Their wheels about the size of my power chair's. The problem with saying that it's a city car is that East Coast cities have terrible roads. I break something on my van every time I go to New York City. And Philadelphia isn't much better.

    Good point, I forgot about the gapeing chasm effect on something like this. We have those here too. But this and the Mini along with possibly the Yaris fit the bill for something that would work in my garage with crip access to 2 vehicles with little juggling. But when you consider it's just $5K more to go Mini I think I'll keep my origional pick for a 'cute' 2nd car.

    Now if this Smart car was priced by size to maybe ~$8K....