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Meteor over Canada

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    Meteor over Canada

    SASKATOON, Saskatchewan - Scientists say they hope to find remnants of a meteor that brilliantly lit up the sky before falling to earth in western Canada.

    University of Calgary planetary scientist Alan Hildebrand called it one of the largest meteors visible in the country in the last decade.

    Widely broadcast video images showed what appeared to be a speeding fireball Thursday night over Saskatoon that became larger and brighter before disappearing as it neared the ground.
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    Hildebrand said Friday that he received about 300 email reports from witnesses.

    “It would be something like a billion-watt light bulb,” said Hildebrand, who also co-ordinates meteor sightings with the Canadian Space Agency.

    Tammy Evans was wakened by her 10-year-old daughter who ran into the bedroom.

    “She said there was a flash of light, the house shook twice and it sounded like dinosaurs were walking,” Evans said.
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    Could you imagine seeing that? That would scare the hell out of me, thinking the world was coming to an end or something, especially with the sonic boom that thing must've gave everybody. I hope they find it

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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

    Yeah, it's pretty cool. I've been lucky enough to have seen a few large ones up north. They go without being reported because nobody's around to witness them up there. I once saw one so large, low, and slow that I thought anyone within 100km's of impact was a gonner, including me. Thank goodness I was wrong. I must have misjudged the size of it or mabey it broke up before hitting the ground. It was very early morning and light out. The streak of greyish brown smoke it left behind was huge. It nearly caused a brown streak in mah pants. Know wadda' mean?


      I wish i would have seen that! sounds pretty crazy, some guy from the united states is offering 10,000US for any piece of it, apparently.

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        could this be another baby arriving from Krypton?


          Originally posted by Wesley View Post
          could this be another baby arriving from Krypton?
          You mean Jorell sent Obama's lil brother, too?
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            i watched on the news not funny such a meteor can end many lives during a direct contact to earth .


              Awesome! I heard somewhere the UNited States and Britain have been working together to do something incase they find a huge asteroid coming our way. That's good to know.