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  • The first Internet president

    Although much has been said about Obama, I think that few have emphasized one aspect of him that is truly a first. I think that he is the first Internet. Al Gore may have helped create the Internet but Obama is the first to use it to win a presidency.

    According to Wire [source][/source], Barack Obama has pledged to create a cabinet level position equivalent a chief-technology-officer (CTO). He raised more money via internet than any politician. He is the first Facebook President.

    More interesting, he is not a blind worshipper of technology, something that people who are ignorant often do. For example, he has said that he will support the missile shield technology that is being deployed in Europe only if evidence indicates that it will work. In other words, he understands that there are good and bad technology [source][/source].

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt and almost every titan of the technology industry endorsed Obama. Some people have expressed worries that Obama would impose too much governmental interference in technology development [source][/source]. However, I think that Obama understands the concept of grassroots technology.

    My daughter convinced me to go down to Philadelphia to help enter data for voter registration and logging in phone calls in Obama's campaign. It was interesting. There were piles of paper in an inbox with pencilled in notations from volunteers who had made phone calls. As the data entry person, my job was to interpret the chicken scratchings and enter the data.

    What was amazing was that they had a record of every phone call made, the category of response made by the person, a reminder system for later phone calls, and a system for getting volunteers to bring a person into the fold when he or she said that she would vote and would volunteer. It was a grassroots system that used information effectively to achieve an 82% vote in Philadelphia for Obama.

    So, I believe that Obama is our first Internet President. He understands. I wonder what his email address is.