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4-ap Can someone get back to me please

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    4-ap Can someone get back to me please

    I was wondering if someone could tell me the different compounds/drugs that are in 4-ap. my girlfriend works for a pharmecy but its a regular pharmecy and not a compound one. However her pharmecist said if he knew what was in it he could make it for me. So this would be better for my pockets. So if anyone could tell me I would really appreciate it...


    arod, you're going to need a prescription from a doctor anyway, before any compounding is done. And it's not that easy to get one from a local doctor. I know mine still wants more information about 4-AP, even though I've submitted to him much of the info on 4-AP that is on this website, which is one hell of a lot.

    good luck
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      my dr is a regular family dr and he doesnt know shit about sci. I just call an tell him what rx I need and he sends it in to the pharmecy. When I got my kafo's he didn't even know what they were. So I don't think I would have a problem. I just need to know the different compounds/drugs that are in the drug so I can see if my girls pharmecist can make it. For some reason no one wants to tell me though...


        Here is the molecular structure of 4-AP

        Here is one of the uses of 4-AP

        I haven't been able to find out what 'aminopyridine' would be....just guessing possibly a mixture of 2,3, and 4 aminopyridine? This is in reference to another thread in the Cure forum /forum/showthread.php?t=99529

        Of course the 4-AP needs to be mixed with something to 'dilute' it. You couldn't effectively dose if it was pure.
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          Please, DO NOT TAKE 4-aminopyridine without a doctor's prescription and supervision. This is not an innocuous drug and if you can't find a doctor who can prescribe it and supervise your taking of the drug, you should not be taking it. This drug can cause seizures and all sorts of serious side-effects if it is not taken in the correct doses.

          The information that is provided in the links provided are mostly wrong and inappropriate. I have posted many article on 4-aminopyridine in the past but people should not be doing this on their own. Please look at another topic that recently posted in /forum/showthread.php?p=836327#post836327



            Thanks Wise, Ill read up on it first...