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Do some of you old motorcycle guys look at this and go hmm?

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    About a year ago I went to the motorcycle dealer to look at and sit on new bikes. Man have they changed over the years. All the stuff we put on as add-on aftermarket ultra-parts are standard now. Unbelievable. And yeah, I started to fantasize but, in my fantasy I couldn't get past the truth that anywhere I went on a bike had to be a round trip because without my chair I'd be stuck wherever I went. I thought about my girlfriend following me with the car? Not a great solution. So unless there's a way I can strap a chair on a bike, it's not even a dream. I guess some kind of superlight folder but still the wheels are pretty big.

    For now I'll settle with lusting at the dealer or at what I see parked or just not thinking about it.


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      Originally posted by MarkB701 View Post
      Anyone actually buy one of these???

      I saw one this weekend and the owner is going to let me try to ride it. And there is a second hand one for sale around $3.5k.

      Any input???

      ...gets almost 70mph....would be great from my 100 mile commute...!!!

      I miss riding alot, I think going from an RC-51 to a glorified moped would be too depressing.

      (n.b. I accidently hit edit on your post instead of reply, not awake yet. I didn't change your post)


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        Frankly, looking back, it was moronic and self-indulgent how much time I spent riding. Fun? Hell yes! Worth it? Hell no! Especially not now, while I'm as crippled as the day is long. Life's not too short to not have fun, and indulge, it's too short to waste time focusing on getting off over getting along, IMO!

        I'll pass. I'm old, tired, kind of scared, and OK with that. Not sure I'd bounce off the ground, again, so much, as go *splat*.

        "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it." - Edgar Allen Poe

        "If you only know your side of an issue, you know nothing." -John Stuart Mill, On Liberty