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Like to ride snowmobile again,HELP!!

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    Like to ride snowmobile again,HELP!!

    I'm a t-9 complete and would like to ride my sleds again. To all those who have done it, what have you done to modify your snowmobile? I have real good upperbody strength. About the only thing I can think of is, a backrest and a way to strap my legs for stability. Feedback would be deeply appreciated so I can get my but back on my toys again. Thanks, Terry
    If I was meant to have wheels under my ass, what the hell are these legs for?

    Bungee cord the legs and give it a shot! Your back will get tired, but you may gain strength with every trip. Find a good riding partner that you can lean back against if you need to!

    I'm a complete T-2 and LOVE riding 4-wheelers. I do wish I had a backrest at times, but what the hell......the aches go away after a while!!
    Have fun!



      I used to ride all the time before my accident, and bought a new sled with electric start and reverse after my accident. Riding was still fun, albeit alot slower! I ended up selling it as it wasn't the same rush as it once was. I found a backrest helps, but was worried about rolling/ falling off and hurting my back.

      On my seadoo, I had a vinyl guy rip apart the seat, and add a custom fitted piece of foam to give me the support I needed to keep my positioned well on the seat. Worked like a charm!

      I'm getting the sled itch again and think I'll grab a 500SS, I think I'll go the seat route again, as well as velcro on the seat/tunnell and my pants to keep my legs in place, but again able to let go if I get into trouble.

      Let me know what you come up with! Good Luck



        I used to ride all the time myself. Mostly the U.P. of Michigan. That's what put me in this chair.

        My best friend hasn't rode since my accident but decided that he would give it a try again. He's coming home form Minocqua tonight. He's been there since Wed. We have been talking for a while about getting me back on a sled. I'm T-10 complete, my biggest worry is not being able to get off the sled if it rolled or something.
        Also, how I would get into the bars and restaurants again. I'd have to park the sled as close as possible and that's not always going to happen.

        As far as adapting. I was thinking a long track. Perhaps 135" or longer track. That way I could pretty much drive right over the wash boards if conditions are bad. Also, I was going to make up a plastic mold and bolt it to the back end and have a friend or family member disassemble my chair and put it inside. Once the overspary from the track covers the chair it will freeze everything solid. I would have the seat removed and molded differently to help with balance issues as well as installing a carbon fiber back rest.

        I've talked with friends that still ride frequently in the northwoods and they say they have seen paralyzed riders coming into the bars/restaurants.

        Good luck if you come up with anything. I know they offer seminars for disabled riders in Colorado. Maybe do a Google search and see if you can find some pictures and info on the adapted sleds they are using.

        Here: I found this on you tube.

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          I put a cord on my legs, same for on the lawn mower. I place it by my knees so that they do not flop around and bruise the knee on the machine.

          With the sled I also use a strap over my waist to help hold me on. I used my old sled and did not buy a new one with electric start or reverse. I found that the large engine sleds were pretty tough to pull start. I'd grab the handle then throw myself backwards as hard as I could. The 500 was easy to start, the 700 twin was almost impossible to start.

          Riding did hurt my back so I didn't ride for long periods. It is also very jarring on the bladder so I always took a leak first. I enjoyed new powder the most as it was a soft ride. Bumpy trails take their toll quickly.

          I got stuck a few times but was close enough to home that my dog dug out the snow around the track for me. That was fun. Always take your cell phone!


            My husband and I were just talking about this. I thought riding was doable but it was the possibility of falling that bothered me. Of course if Rob fell off I could help him back on but if you bungee or affix your legs in place what happens if you roll the sled? I was thinking something velcro?

            Hey Eddie, maybe one day we'll see you up in the northwoods. We used to frequent the Minocqua area. I hear they have great snow this year.


              Only thing I would be worried about is getting stuck....Falling off into snow doesn't hurt that bad...or at least it didn't when I did it the last time I rode a sled(4 years ago). Of course that was before my injury...
              T8/9 (2-24-06)