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whirly gigs for the yard

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  • whirly gigs for the yard

    does any one here on cc build whirly gigs for the yard?
    I am talking about the type that has the propeller and it makes the character move as if doing some thing...

    I have been looking around the web and have not found any thing with a picture. I don't care to buy the plans because it takes the challenge out of it.. I like to fabricate and can make most of the hardware and have the knowhow..I just need pictures to give me an Idea..of what I want to build

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    I love whirligigs, hadn't heard that word in a while. I was a girlscout leader and we made very simple ones one year, it was fun.

    Here is one site, Mother Earth News

    and a book you could order

    Here's a junkyard version


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      I have done forgot Mother Earth grands used to get it years ago..

      I may end up ordering the book.,....I get a cataloge in the mail and it has prints and layout drawings, but they cost way to is mostly sillowettes and yard furniture, and figures that have to be air brushed there is some cool stuff but no whirligigs.

      the junk yard style looks like Macgyver had done it.LOL ..

      thank you for finding these this helps the quest..


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        Here's a few pics..

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          hey Jeff, the one in the middle is the type I'm looking for thank has mechanical parts to fabricate..more of a challenge..thank you

          just started looking at them again and noticed the prices...I hope thats after they are built