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    OU Homecoming

    I went to the OU homecoming yesterday and it was alot of fun. I got to see my sister cheer(shes on the small co-ed cheerleading squad). It was a good game too. We tail-gated before and after with a bunch of friends. I cant wait to do it again. Here's a few pics.

    #1. Everyones worst nightmare
    #2. My mom, my sister and I
    #3. The small co-ed squad
    #4. My sis and her friend. This where our seats were.
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    I'm glad you got a seat! I went to my son's HS grad in Norman, at the Field House, and all the seats were taken up by people that could have walked one more row. They were old, but come on, if they walked in that big place they can moved down a row.

    Excuse the rant. I doubt I'll ever go back there. The football stadium must be better. Glad you had fun!
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      Way to go buddy.Looking good.I think my friend Steve Williams went aka DR.DEATH.
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        i never get to hang out with the cheerleaders

        the female side of your family is blessed with the cute genes 4sure


          Originally posted by CLC379
          i never get to hang out with the cheerleaders
          Do the cheerleaders know something that we should also know?


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