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Discounted first class/business class tickets

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    Discounted first class/business class tickets

    The Last Taboo
    Apr 24 2007

    Airlines have never discounted business-class seats*—until now, that is.

    A new British Airways business class flat bed on display.
    Photo by: Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images

    Business travelers love to beat the airlines at their own game—which means Washington communications lawyer Bob Thompson is a most happy fella. I recently tipped him off to an unbelievable business-class fare deal and he jumped right on it.

    He and his wife scored seats 2A and 2B in Continental’s well-regarded BusinessFirst cabin for late-summer flights between Newark and Brussels. “I only paid $799 a person each way,” Thompson told me over the phone after he nailed the seats. “$1,600 roundtrip. That’s hardly more than coach!”

    I don’t throw the word bargain around lightly when it comes to business- and first-class travel, but Thompson’s deal surely makes the cut. Continental wants someone who paid $951 per person roundtrip to sit wedged in coach on the very same flights that Thompson and his wife booked. And Thompson’s $1,598 roundtrip fare is an eye-popping 77 percent off Continental’s business-class list price of $7,001.

    Welcome to the brave new world of international business-class airfares. After decades of stiff-necked resistance, the airlines have broken their last pricing taboo. Now they are happily discounting their best seats with the same slice-and-dice precision they use to price coach travel.


    I agree with one of the comments there--this will frustrate the frequent flyer who is accustom to the free upgrades. With more business class seats sold (and therefore fewer business class seats available for upgrades) the frequent flyer will get annoyed. Sort of defeats the purpose of all those airline loyalty programs.


      This will also result in it becoming much more rare that PWD who are flying will be able to get bumped up to first class when there are available seats. Too bad.

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