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possible means to get back on a motorcycle... kind of.

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    hmm... in due time I suppose. I just received a reply:

    At this time, Thoroughbred Motorsports and the Stallion are still in their infantile stages of growth. We are not indifferent to your suggestions and plans, but instead believe they are great ideas. However, at this time we are not able to implement them into the production of the Stallion. In three or four years, if this vehicle succeeds in the manner we expect, then we would like to look into these plans at that time.

    Please keep in touch and follow up with us annually or semi-annually. This is something that we would like to re-consider once we grow the business.

    Thank you again.
    a little bit of a bummer, but understandable from their standpoint.

    at least they didn't shoot me down coming at them w/ one of my crazy ideas.


      Scott - ask and you shall receive.

      I've been in touch with these folks for about a year or so. They should have U.S. distributorships set up by the end of '07 for availability here in the beginning of '08.

      Total cost in british pounds is $21k and change which is about $40k here.

      They are accepting deposits now. I'm still thinkin' about it with the main issue being where to park it?

      I'm looking forward to seeing a few of these on the road in the next couple of years.


        Originally posted by Chris Chappell
        Scott - ask and you shall receive.
        Huh. I just don't get that. It's huge. I would feel way dorky driving that from a wheelchair. Why wouldn't someone just drive a convertible car?

        I'm still thinkin' about it with the main issue being where to park it?
        In handicapped parking spaces. It's almost as big as a car.



          Chris - you (or someone) posted that a while back, right? It's a cool idea (even if it looks like a boat), but I guess part of me just looks for ways to get out of the chair - you know, that whole feeling-more-normal thing. Regardless, props to that company for their innovation.