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Does anyone know of any accessible taxi-cabs in Norfolk, VA? Please help!!!

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    Does anyone know of any accessible taxi-cabs in Norfolk, VA? Please help!!!

    I'm flying to Norfolk, VA in September. Is there any way for me to get around besides spending $750-$1000 on a rental van. I have not been able to find any accessible taxi-cabs in Norfolk area. Please help!!!

    Not that I know of. There aren't any in San Diego where I live either. You may have to use the bus, or decide to rent a van. If you are staying at a hotel that provides shuttle service to the airport, they are required to provide the same accessible transportation for you, even if they have to hire it out, and they cannot charge any more than they charge for non-accessible transportation.

    Here is the bus information:

    You can also call the local ILC for any information they may have:

    You might also see if they have any reciprocity with the local paratransit system and the one where you live.

    You might want to call the local PVA chapter and see if they have any information on other transportation.

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      i live in Norfolk and can suggest contacting this center to see if they have any ideas

      Endependence Center, Inc.
      6300 East Virginia Beach Blvd.
      Norfolk, VA 23502-2827
      Phone757) 461-7527 V/TDD
      (757) 461-7527 TDD
      Fax: (757) 455-8223
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