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2006 CC Fishing Derby.

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    Had a great day of fishing in the Gulfstream 18-24 miles off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My Dad, Sister, Nephew, 2 Brothers-in-law and myself chartered the Albatross

    This family charter business was established in 1937. It is a fascinating story you can read about on their website.

    We left the house at 4am hoping to be at the dock at 5:30 but didn't arrive til 6. We met Capt. Ernie and First Mate Starky and headed off to the Gulfstream. The wind was about 10-15, 2-4' seas. Not a bad ride on this boat which was custom built in 1950.

    We began by trolling 7 rods and quickly started catching King Mackrel to about 7 lbs.
    We were only catching Kings so Capt Ernie decided to go out a few more miles and try fishing a different way.

    We were now going to fish for tuna using a kite, while continuing to troll 4 rods for other species. These guys are pros.

    Starkey got out a square 2’ x 2’ kite, hooked it to a very short rod and handed it up to Capt Ernie on the bridge. Capt Ernie secured it in a pole holder and let line out until the kite was flying 100 yards behind the boat. On the line between the tip of the rod and the kite were 2 release clips. Starkey had 2 rods ready with a lures that looked like a flying fish. He hooked the line with a lure to a release clip on the kite line and the clip traveled about 3/4 up the line to the kite, and stopped. He then did the same with another rod and stopped it about 1/2 way up to the kite. Both rods were now in the pole holders on the fighting chair. Starkey then had to adjust the lines so the lure would bounce on the top of the water, travel several feet and bounce on the water again. This mimics a flying fish, which Tuna love. The lures were about 40 yards to the side of the boat

    About 25 minutes later a tuna came out of the water, nailed the lure, causing it to pull out of the release clip, hooking the fish. My bro jumped in the fighting chair and fought the Tuna for about five minutes. It was about a 10lb black fin.

    We spent the next three hours catching Tuna, the biggest by my brother-in–law, a 54lb Yellowfin. I caught 1 Blackfin, and 1 Yellowfin.

    We then put away the kite rig and trolled 7 rods.
    For the next hr or two we caught a bunch of Mahi-Mahi, the biggest a bull about 15lbs.
    I caught a 1 throwback.

    We called it a day around 2:30, had the fish cleaned at the dock, and enjoyed a great meal that night.

    The Albatross

    Kite Fishing

    Big Yellowfin



      Mahi Mahi is real good to eat. I ate some last week for the first time.


        Sounds like a nice trip Jim. Fishing off the NC coast is some of the best.
        "It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein


          Great pics Jim,sounded like a great time

          It has come to my attention that i suck at fishing!


            I found out about a fish that looks just like a bluegill, only about 4-5 times as big. they are called Georgia giants. check it out, I'm gonna get some for a new pond behind my house



              Originally posted by Jadis
              ooooh excellent!!!

              The doc I work for is taking all of us out on a fishing trip, so I hope I can contribute to this thread.
              Well the mackinaw I caught was 18"--the shortest one out of all the ones caught that day. Definitely not a score for this thread. LOL

              An 10 yr old recently caught a state record panfish in Thompson Lake.... I need to get on the ball here.

              Supposed to do some fishing this weekend, so we'll see how it goes.


                i went to the pond yesterday for some fishing. i use the electric chair to go back there. i had a brain strom of using my graber to pull some of the weeds growing around the edge in the water. worked pretty good for awhile. theres always one just out of reach , so i tried to move the chair alittle closer to the edge. sure enough , stuck. you have to remember i live in middle of nowhere. well i call some buddies nobody home. finally i get hold of one , he comes over and pushes me out. tells me to stick to fishing and let the weeds grow. after he leaves , i go to the other side and try. bad idea , i'm little thick headed. i get stuck again because of the mud in the tires. well other buddy called back earlier , told him i got out. had to call him to get me out. i didn't have the nerve to call the first one back lol. thank God for friends. well i guess i'll stick to fishing. i'm still trying to catch one of those hybrid stripers to post a pic. sad part i have 4 boys who could do the care of the pond. i use to take care of her and now it really sucks i can't. guess i'll have to get on thier butts to get busy. needless to say i never wetted a line.
                oh well