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Hide & Seek (in your car) UK event

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    Hide & Seek (in your car) UK event

    Maybe some UK CC members can ask family/friends to take part for Spinal Injury Research???

    Escape From London, an event described as the world's largest game of hide-and-seek, takes place on April 23. Starting from London, participating teams will take to the roads in their cars and use the south of England to hide, while trying to reach a checkpoint on the coast, all without being seen by Guard teams, who will be looking for them.

    Teams are encouraged to also raise money for a charity of their choice and those who do so will be rewarded with a points advantage on the day of the event.

    "I have run many different car events in the past, but nothing like this," says organiser Justin Clements. "This is a truly new and exciting event for not only car enthusiasts, but families as well. It's a great excuse to have a day out in the car and see a bit of the countryside that you may not normally experience. We expect to see some creative route planning as teams try to avoid being spotted."

    Clements stresses that safety is critical during the event and will be strongly advising all teams to drive within the limits of the law. "The event is not a race. As with all our other motoring events, there are no points to be scored for being first. The distance between checkpoints will not require any team to break the speed limit to accomplish the challenge.

    "The appeal of the event, I think, is the idea that as an adult you can play out a favourite childhood game. Except this time it involves a huge area and cars!"

    Escape From London starts on the morning of 23rd April 2006. Preregistration is required.

    For more information please visit