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    Ricky found another shifter just like the Klicktronic for 1/2 the price, about $300.00. I haven't checked it out yet but it is sold by Neff Design & Engineering in Dragoon, Arizona.



      Where did you find the seat or did you make it. I am riding quads and have troubles with sliding on the seat in turns. That seat looks like it would really help me.


        I made the seat for the same reason, Ricky always had the sensation that he was sliding of the side. We took a fiberglass Go Kart Seat and I cut the back off leaving only about 3" in height. I carved out the foam on the stock seat in the profile or side veiw of the go kart seat and bolted the two of them together and took it to an upholstery shop and they covered it and added the velcro straps. I'm sure they would upholster yours if you shipped it to them. They did a really nice job for us and turned it around in just a few days.
        You can probably get a used seat for cheap if you go to your local kart shop and ask.
        Good Luck,



          If it is possible could you post some close ups of the seat. When I watched the video they just showed a quick shot of it.




            3E3, go to look under wheel chair sports for the disabled, 2nd topic down = extreme adaptive sports pictures, 4 posts down look for picture that says bike4. I tried to post them here and it wouldn't work.
            Gotta go.


              Rick those were some nice pics! Have you figured out what to do when Ricky stops. I read on that website that you were looking in to it. I dont know if this product will work, but they make a sort of landing gear for street bikes and I would think that they could come up with something that would work fairly easily. Here is the website,, I hope this helps if you haven't found anything yet.


                CNN Story

                Ricky is going to be included in a feature story on CNN this sunday, not sure of the time yet, with Colours Wheelchairs talking about his spinner wheeels and his dirt bike riding escapades.
                Check it out if you have a chance.


                  WOW! Truly awesome, I am at a loss for words right now but wanted to thank you all who are sharing this information even if my son wouldn't ever go back to motocross, showing what you and others are actually doing again as such, as well with the streetbike site, just gave me such happiness knowing when the kid is ready and wants to he can ride a streetbike again(just two wheels) after he saw this, I could see he's about ready!!!
                  You are an awesome dad rjames~ kudos.
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                    Moto Cross

                    Hi all

                    Driving a moto cross bike with SCI is really interesting. I don*t know that it is possible. In Germany we have some few adapted bikes, which are certificated for use on puplic roads.

                    Typical street racer

                    and a other link for special adapted vehicles


                    ( I'm a flying member of this club )

                    at least a nice and truely sentence i read at the page of koeltgen:

                    As Simone de Beauvoir put it: Happiness is living like everybody - and yet being like nobody else


                      Originally posted by klaus560
                      Driving a moto cross bike with SCI is really interesting. I don*t know that it is possible.
                      Klaus did you get to see the video of Ricky riding? I think the videos were moved from where the original post was. Try taking a look at this link.

                      video of Ricky James riding

                      This is the video section and should have videos of Ricky James and David Baily riding. It just goes to show that if you put your mind to it, you can do it now matter how difficult it may seem.


                        What time today was/is the CNN segment?


                          CNN Segment

                          They actually post phoned the CNN segment until next Sunday the 19th, sorry it was a last minute change yesterday. If I get a more definite time I will post it.
                          Ricky was on The Speed Channel Last Friday night during the airing of the Daytona Supercross, It was sweet and it was on his one year anniversary.


                            I emailed David Bailey when I first saw the video of him on Ricky's bike & he said that he had broken some ribs from landing hard off of the jumps. Is Ricky doing anything to keep that from happening to him? Maybe some kind of brace?
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                              I saw the video on Speed a few weeks ago. It was awesome. I was injured in a race on Sept. 21 2003. I find that a Honda Pilot or Odyssey with a 350 cc two stroke engine is awesome too. It is fast, thrilling and drives completely from the steering wheel. It is also safer, I think.
                              T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003


                                Injured Rider tribute video

                                Found this on the web this morning. It's a tribute that was done for professional supercross racers Ernesto Fonseca and James Marshall that both became quadriplegics in the past month or so from racing/riding accidents.
                                My son Ricky is featured along with these two riders, Ricky is the guy in the chair with the micro phone stuck in his face and #824 on the bike. There is also a couple of shots of David Bailey, former national champion, flying through the air with his son Sean and a picture of him in a tunnel at the stadium giving some instructions to one of the supercross racers that he coaches.