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    Hang Gliding

    I saw some AB ppl do it on Tv the other day, and it seems like it's totally adaptable. Anyone ever done it? I'm hoping it was hang gliding I was watching. The girl climbed into something that looked like a giant sleeping back, was zipped up, and kinda rode the glider perpendicular to the kite-like contraption (hmmm, maybe it's called a glider??) throughout the entire ride. She had someone sharing the glider with her and he actually controlled the landing.

    I'm going to look into it. Trying to find the coolest ways to die and this would be one of them, non?

    What's next Kiran, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes?


      This is flying at its purest form! If you have the chance, definitely go for it. It not that common to have good hang gliding topography and pilots expert enough to fly tandem. I did it as an AB, so I can't comment on its accessability.

      Aren't you part of that small subset of SCI's folks that were hurt while NOT being engaged in some risk taking activity? Is there some small irony here?

      Look before you leap.
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        I'd go hangliding w/o hesitation if the opportunity arose. I'm not sure of details, but from what I understand you're just lying prone in a sling of sorts, so I can't imagine it being too difficult to figure out.

        I recently watched a video on base jumping & had the crazy thought of rolling off a cliff in a chair. I figure it'd be easy to let it drop away from you while opening the parachute.... but the landing might be tricky w/o leg function.


          Originally posted by Wesley
          I did it as an AB, so I can't comment on its accessability.
          Indeed Kiran, it's one super rush.
          What you saw about being strapped in a "sleeping bag" is one style of hang gliding. When they are about to land (it's been a long time and I never did it that way) I seem to remember they actually get out of it to be able to use your legs for the landing.
          I know for a fact that it has been made adaptable, you stay in the horizontal position and the glider has wheels that keep you off the ground (...there may be some dragging I guess).
          I just did a Google search for "disabled hang gliding" and there are quite a few hits to explore.

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