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'It's going to be an invasion'

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  • 'It's going to be an invasion'

    'It's going to be an invasion'

    When Germany plays host to the World Cup next summer, it expects not just an influx of fans, but an even bigger one - of prostitutes. Luke Harding on the preparations in hand

    Friday November 18, 2005
    The Guardian

    The giant red phallus billowing from the roof is a bit of a give away. Just next to a busy main road and tucked incongruously behind a tyre repair workshop, is Artemis, Berlin's newest, most luxurious brothel. There is, as such, nothing remarkable about the vast four-storey bordello that opened its doors two months ago in an anonymous industrial estate in Berlin. Except, perhaps, for its location. The sex facility is a short drive from Berlin's Olympiastadion, the famous stadium used by the Nazis to host the 1936 Olympics, and - more importantly - the venue for next year's World Cup.,00.html

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    Prostitution is for the most part legal in Germany. You can, and I´m not joking, retire at 65 if you declare your prostitution income and pay into the social security system. So, yes, business will boom, but there will be a battle between the legal and illegal street workers who sell themselves cheap. You can also expect an increase in the drug trade as well. Organized crime will have a field day.
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