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Are the Murderball guys sending the wrong message?

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    Originally posted by pash8605
    Sure they may be saying life in a chair is great, but at least theyre not being like other movies saying life isnt worth it anymore kill me now. Theyre showing we can do stuff on our own and enjoy it too.
    Nice! We had 2 threads,god knows how many pages long condmening 'Million Dollar baby'' because of the ''life isnt worth living anymore kill me now'' message it sent and now its ''Murderball'' and the guys because there sayin life is worth living,and they wouldnt change a thing..Seems like a mighty fine balancing point were lookin for here dont it..


      I know a several AB people including a few of my PCA's who are miserable with their lives. You name it, they complain about everything to me. Without doubt, I would never want trade lives with them...Even though I'm a quad, I'm very happy with my life. I know I can't trade with an AB so I've made the best of the past 20 years. I hope that there is a cure someday, but in the meantime I'm taking everything in stride and I'm enjoying life.

      These guy got the opportunity to do more since their accidents probably more than they ever would have before...Because of their involvement in quad rugby, traveling the world and winning gold in the Paralympics. Not many people can say that. These are a group of guys who are going out and doing something productive and speaking their mind.

      As far as sending the wrong message, I think that being competitive as they are in a perceived frail state of being a quad breaks a lot of stereotypes, which in my view is a positive message. They’re entitled to their opinion and I give them a lot of credit and respect.


        I heard Mark Zupan being interviewed, but haven't seen the movie yet. My take on his attitude was a little different than just him being "happy or sad" with sci. The message I got was that he was just like everybody else, but sitting down 24/7. He f**ks, fights, drinks just like a "normal" person. The only difference is he in the chair.

        Well, that's fine as long as you're cut, cute and capable. But, I think for most of us, that line ain't gonna work.

        I think he's saying, "don't lump me in with those REAL crips"

        I don't blame him. Its human nature to do everything possible to be make a good impression. It reminded me how different sci's can be. It also reminded me how ridiculous it is for me to think that anyone will see me as "normal". I get really tired of being stared at.


          Nobody rants about Larry Flynt. Hell, he even ran for governor of California in 2003 and came in 7th place. Any outcry about his effects on the SCI image? Hardly a peep. Cure advocate? Lol. Bel Air-rich and successful? You bet.
          "So I have stayed as I am, without regret, seperated from the normal human condition." Guy Sajer


            well...i finally saw the movie today....and i truly enjoyed it i left the theatre wanting to see more about these guys.....

            the vibes given off during the interviews i commented on earlier (the whole, best thing ever to happen to me, wouldnt change a thing).....were not the vibes you got from the movie.....on the interviews, it was almost like they were grateful for their injury, as if it really helped their life....not the case, these guys are simply doing what the rest of us are, enjoying life, and making the most of what you've got....

            i still believe they have the oppurtunity to be huge advocates for sci research though....

            everyone go see murderball!