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    Almost forgot about this thread...Jessie, on your coolest things you shot list, man, that is quite a list, got me drooling. Coolest stuff for me was a Barrett Mk82? .50 cal (that semiauto sniper .50 the army uses), a 1919A4, and a DS Arms full auto FAL with a 12 inch barrel. Cool story on that one...back in the day I was buds with a few guys from DS Arms, and they had that 12 inch FAL conversion they did on a class 3 type FAL that the customer sent back as defective (wouldnt reliably cycle). They did some tinkering, and I was more than happy to empty mag after mag through that thing to make sure it worked good. 7.62x51 full auto through an 9 lb rifle gets pretty interesting, but with enough lean and practice it is actually fairly usable it turns out. I loved that thing. I still would love to get my hands on a Glock 18, too bad those are all dealer samples and I live in a non-class 3 state, but one can dream [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]


      M60, M16, AR-15, LAW, grenade launcher, grenade..

      Now that the window is open does anyone know where to get pre-ban clips (20 count) for an AR-15?

      Jesse? Is that a bayonet lock and a flash supressor on that rifle?
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