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Must-see/do in Paris?

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    Must-see/do in Paris?

    I'm off to Paris Sunday night to see my boyfriend. I'll be flying with my powerchair, so I'm hopeful that the busses are ok (he tells me they're good, or better than Berlin's system which he was horrified with.) The hôtel looks beautiful ( and he tells me it's near Champs-Elysee and in Paris Centre. He has our Lourve tickets already, which I am tremendously looking forward to, but was wondering if there are any other good "must see/do" type things he, as a native, might overlook.
    Everyone says Paris is the ****tiest city in the country, but I couldn't make it to his house (which is in Southern France bordering Spain ... beautiful) this trip. I would have much preferred, but I'll wait till September.

    Sooo, back on topic - what are the things to do in Paris? How is accessibility?


    Accessibility isn't great. But, I was staying in my friend's apartment which was up a flight of stairs. I bumped myself up on my butt, and she dragged my chair up. It was a pain and I really should have just rented a hotel.

    There are lots of cobblestone sidewalks as well as ones in much need of repair. You really have to watch where you're wheeling because there's all kinds of big cracks as well as tons of dog poop. I don't remember if there were curb cuts. My guess is no. Lots of restaurants had a step or two to get in. I can't remember the trip well, but I do know that my friend I was with had to assist me alot. Also keep in mind that I was there about 12 years ago (am I really that old? [img]/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif[/img]), so maybe it has changed.

    My favorite, favorite place in Paris was the cemetary. I don't remember the name of it, but it's the one where Oscar Wilde is (and Jim Morrison among others). I guess I'm kind of wierd, but that was my favorite part of the city. We rented a little golf cart type thing at the cemetary to get around though because I think the paths weren't real wheelchair friendly.

    Honestly, I didn't care for Paris much. I left for three days to visit a friend in London, but then when I went back to Paris, I wanted to get out of there. So we took the train up to Amsterdam and that is where I spent the rest of my vacation.

    Lots of people love Paris. It wasn't the place for me, but perhaps you'll dig it! Have fun!

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      I was born and raised in Europe, and been all over it. Paris was my best experience. Andrea, I envy you...[img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]

      "What are the things to do in Paris?" A lot - you name it... Lots of seightseeing: Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Les Champs-Elysées Boulevard and the beautiful restaurants on the side, the Church/Museum of Notre Dame - the Cathedrale of Paris (have you seen the movie ? - that's where it takes place. A very old movie, Brigid Bordo plays in that movie) don't forget to visit its georgeus garden outside, Louvre (it's huge, it took me at least one week to visit the whole thing) & Orsay Museums, Seine Bridges, Disneyland, Chatelet with lots of fashion butiques etc, etc...

      Shanon, are you talking about the cemetary of Montparnasse?

      Paris is huge and expensive...subways are a litle bit comlicated, not sure how wc accessible they are.

      Anyways, I'm sure you guys are going to have an unforgetable experience. Make sure you take some pictures, and when you come back post some of them here..[img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]

      Good luck,


        Hi Andrea,

        I was in Paris last week and thought it was terrible to find accesible toilets BUT I did find this little book 'Paris en Fauteuil' (Paris in a wheelchair). In the Champs-Elysee it mentions: Cafe Lenotre (nr 10), Copenhague et Flora Danica et Butik (nr 142) (only this toilet has bars), Laduree (nr 75) et Libresens (rue Marbeuf 33) all with accesible toilets.

        Hope you have a great time over there!

        Andrea is your boyfriend french? Does he talk any english? (I didn't meet any english speaking frenchmen...)

        BTW I think the cemetary is called Place du Tertre.


          Paris in a Wheelchair

          Google turned up many links to Paris En Fauteuil. I hope I posted the English translation of this one! You can translate the pages from French into English.

          Bke74, do you know if these guides are available for other European countries?


            I looked up the cemetary and it's called Pere Lachaise.

            The only reason we went there was because my friend wanted to see Jim Morrison's grave. I didn't really care about that, but I didn't mind going along. I was amazed when we got there though. It was like being in an outdoor art museum. It really is beautiful.

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              Musee de l'orange...probably best collection of Impressionists in the world outside of the Louvre. I don't know about accessibility, I went pre- sci.

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                Thank you all! Yes, he speaks English. I speak Castilian and German (and, some Hungarian & Romanian, not likely they'll be useful!) but my French is bad. I'm studying, though.
                He assures me that things will be ok, that the Métro line we're near will be accessible, etc. The thing that honestly ties my stomach in knots is the attendant help he's arranged. He says she's nice and she's coming to help me take a fast shower shortly after my arrival.
                Thanks :-)


                  The links are great. And, yes, he's a Frenchmen :-) Born and raised in France and the South of Germany and schooled in the UK for his Masters. He is now an Officer in the French Air Force.


                    Hi Martha, that's indeed my book but I have no idea whether they exist for other cities or not, sorry.


                      OK ... my flight (Air France) leaves Miami tonight at 11.20pm. I must still pack. I've been so nervous this entire weekend. However, I am excited and thank you again and upon my return to the US, will post photos :-)

                      Greetings, Andrea

                      PS. One bonus: One of my best friends I've known since Middle School is in Sweden and flying back the same day, same flight thru De Gaulle. It's so ironic! We didn't arrange it, but we'll try to sit together :-)


                        She's gone so I can say it: I HATE PARIS!!!

                        The country side was nice though.


                          [QUOTE]Originally posted by booster:
                          She's gone so I can say it: I HATE PARIS!!!


                          I've never been, although some family has. They did not care for the city either.
                          Kids complained about dog poop everywhere!
                          My brother-in-law and sister do love the place though.......
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                            Booster, first you hate California, now you hate Paris. You're entitled to your opinion my friend but is there any place you love other than Texas--and well of course Louisiana? [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


                              Originally posted by booster:

                              She's gone so I can say it: I HATE PARIS!!!

                              The country side was nice though.
                              I have been there twice and I did not like it either.

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