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1st Handicap Vacation

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    1st Handicap Vacation

    We are going to take our 1st handicap family vacation. We are planning on going to Branson. Has anyone been there? What are the best& worst lodging accomidations there? What are the best & worst things to go do? My kids are 12 and 15. Thanks for all the input.

    Well, I guess there is no accounting for taste [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img] couldn't pay me to go to Branson! With all the elderly folks who go there, you probably will find a lot of access, plus there are tons of ADA suit settlements listed for Branson theaters and hotels on the net.

    Anyway, here are a couple resources to try. As usual, always call and confirm the actual accomodations with as much detail as possible as there is no standard for "accessible" accomodations. Sometimes it just means one grab-bar in the bathroom (which may have a narrow door and a tub).

    Try just doing a Google search using the words "accessible Branson" and you will see a lot of places to contact.

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      Branson is a lot of fun. I go every year. The Legends Show is a lot of fun. Also the Dixie Stampeade is a good show. There is a in door minture golf course that I have played with the family. Also the winery tour is fun. Good Luck. O yea we stay at the Raddision.


        Why do you reccomend the Raddison?


          Branson is a blast!! Best kept secret for families, IMO. I thought it was only for "old" people. Well, was I wrong in a big way. My Mom talked my sister and I into going one year with our 3 children--Theresas' son and my 2 young daughters. We had so much fun we went 3 years in a row. We were set to go in 2000, but my Mom had a head-on collision on her way to pick us up for the trip (she reciovered fully). Six weeks later was my crash which left me with a c4/c5 SCI. We have not been back since, but hope to soon. SCI Nurse is right, though, Branson would be very accessable given the large elderly population that goes there.

          Great stuff that the kids would enjoy: a total must--Silver Dollar City (the best amusement park I've been to, including Disney). You can also buy combo Silver Dollar City and Whitewater Park (water park) tickets--really fun, too. We also really enjoyed "The Presleys" and "Soji Tabuchi"--be sure to buy Tabuchi tickets in advance cause it's very popular. Dixie Stampede is good, too--I'm not sure of accessability.
          BTW--my girls are now 14 and 16 and would love to go again.

          *Lots of outlet stores
          *Lots of craft places
          *No alcohol in the city, so bring your own if you want
          *There are lots of condos you can rent at good prices, just search the web.

          Have fun, I'm envious!!!