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Elaine Anne Lift System

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  • Elaine Anne Lift System

    Well, I found the lift I was talking about after much searching.

    Who's got this system, what's the cost ballpark, what are the load/unload times like, are you happy with the way your vehicle turned out, and are you happy with the lift?

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    can you use a power chair with this lift ya think?
    May the fetus you save be gay


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      I don't know but they have a 1-800 # on the site, and I called them today, very friendly and helpfull.


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        I emailed them asking a couple questions and got a reply 5 min later.

        We have just completed a 3/4 ton pickup for a man that is the same height as you are [58"/59"], he is in an electric chair and his combined weight of him and his chair is 650 lbs.
        He sits high in the vehicle but he says it is fine, has no problem seeing and driving.
        I think he is about an inch or 2 higher than he should be, his decision. He does not touch the headliner but is eye level is just above the rear view mirror, that should give you an idea of his height..