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    Ok, I've got some short term business trips (3-5 day) and this is actually first time on extendeded stays where there might not be equipment handy. What do other paras do when on the road particularly for bowel care? I can't or don't like using suppositories and mini-enemas cuz they work TOO well and cause more problems. So I'm just a dig-stimmer. Problem being, how do you sit on a toilet with no balance and work ur finger around in there without makin a complete mess of things? Any advice, personal notes/experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I've already made sure they've called ahead to assure accesibility and things, but not sure on the whole bathroom routine. Ok, I'm really jumping all over the place, obviously I'd like some advice. Thanks in advance.

    No, taking my over-toilet commode and shower chair isn't an option. And I know I won't be able to train myself in time to not go for 3-4 days, which isn't healthy anyways for an every other day dumper right? ackkk.. [img]/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif[/img]

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    I have a smaller comode seat that fits on the toilet and breaks down to fit in a suitcase. As for shower chairs most hotels/motels have them so no prob. I've done a few road trips this way, works out great. Very much like this one without the inside round part.


      If bowels is all you're worried about for travel then I think you will be ok. Do you know what hotel you will be staying in? Call them and find out why they call their rooms accessible. If it was build in the last ten years it should be ok.
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        Thanks canuck, that looks like something that could definitely work. You ever have any stability issues or problems maintaining balance using that?

        Pat, accessibility isn't the whole question, although sometimes there's last minute hotel changes. I've tried the dig stim on a regular & elevated toilet before, and it wasn't pretty and not something I'd want to do on the road unless there's no choice at all. Suppose I should take stuff to do the bed thing if need be??

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          I've done the bed thing once , never ever again. No balance probs as most hotels have grab bars this is my normal method anyway. If you are worried, get the seat and try it out at home till you feel more comfortable with it. I have never had a prob at any place so far and I've been to a lot of places. Calling a head is always good, but if you stick to a good reputable hotel/motel chain you should be ok.


            Note that the raised toilet seat below is not padded and will fit only a round toilet bowl. You may not always find this in a hotel or motel. The Lumex Multi-Position Open Padded Raised Toilet Seat is padded and can be adjusted for either round or oblong toilets (be sure to get both types of brackets). It also breaks down for transporting in a box when traveling. You can adjust the openings to the front, back or either side (remove the splash guard completely).


              Strat- get one of these
              its pricey but should solve yer probs.


                Originally posted by Pat(wheelinarcher):

                If bowels is all you're worried about for travel then I think you will be ok. Do you know what hotel you will be staying in? Call them and find out why they call their rooms accessible. If it was build in the last ten years it should be ok.
                I agree with Pat. Phone the motel back and make them tell you that it is absolutely, positively wheelchair accessible, not handicap accessible. We have spent time on the road with Jess and when we have gotten into a few of the rooms, they are not wheelchair accessible. Some attendants at the motels just assume when you ask for handicap rooms that just because they have the bars on the walls, they will suit your needs.

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                  Jesse's Mom, even that is not enough to ask. Here is our list (everyone's will be a little different):

                  -Does it have a roll-in shower?
                  -Is there a fold down seat in the shower or do you have a shower chair for loan?
                  -What height is the top of the toilet (including the seat)?
                  -Is the bed a platform bed or a regular bed with at least 4 inches of space underneath (we need this for our travel lift)?
                  -Is there enough room for a roll-away for a 3rd person and still have room to move the wheelchair?
                  -What floor is it on? (avoid anything higher than the 5th floor) How far from the elevator?
                  -What is the width of the room door? The bathroom door?

                  If they don't know, ask to speak to the manager. If they don't know, ask them to find out and call you back before making reservations.

                  The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                    If the bowelroutine is your only concern:
                    do your bowel routine on your left side w/chux, baby wipes, garbage bags and Lysol.
                    dig, poop, clean and toss.

                    Definitely call the hotel directly and ask for a desciption of the room. Hyatts and Marriots are pretty good. Most have a shower bench in the closet or a roll-in shower.
                    Use your regular chair if you can't transfer well (sans cushion) and tip the chair while drying yourself off in bed,
                    Take off wheels, shoot some wd-40 on and return to hubs and dry chair.
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