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    Looking for info...Hawaii

    I'm taking a trip to HI in about 3 weeks. I'm interested in hearing from anyone with experience there.

    Specifically, names and if possible phone #'s of helicopter tour operators, kayak, snorkel companies as well as local hiking trails, accessible beaches etc. who have access and familiarity with paras, quads. I'm in a manual chair, can transfer onto almost anything and am game for any and all suggestions. Thanks.

    The places we'll be; Oahu, Kona, Maui, Molokai, Kauai.

    Again, thanks for your help. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    Have a great time on the islands. The books that are a must are: "Hawaii - The Big Island Revealed", "Maui Revealed", and "Kauai Revealed". They are blue in color and well worth it. I've been to all three islands in the past 3 years (1 week at each island) and these books are incredible! Authors are Andrew Doughty, Harriett Friedman and you can get on-line or at most large book stores. Buy these!!!!

    I will look at home for some of my old files for numbers, etc. I used. One thing I learned in all three islands is that even if its not accessible people are willing to help you especially the tour companies.

    Kauai - I would suggest the helicopter ride in Kauai since it is so beautiful (beware of rain - do it early in case you have to reschedule) unless Hawaii has active lava then do both. There are some cool canoe trips through rivers, kayaking in the open ocean along the NaPali Coast (I did the catamaran sail trip and snorkeled at NaPali- they had a slide that I went down and then the crew helped me back into the boat - well worth it. Saw a ton of dolphins chasing the boat and got some great pics of NaPali and dolphins). Mostly stayed at the pool and beach front at the place I rented so don't know a ton about accessibility at other beaches. Spent a week and wanted to do nothing but chill but there was so much to do.

    Maui - My favorite island and so much to do and most of it is accessible (or people are willing to give you a hand). My friend loved it so much she is moving there after Vet school. Snorkeling off Molikini was good - we did the catamaran sail for 1/2 day. Also went with a tour group kayaking and saw much better coral, sea life and swam with the Giant Sea Turtles (near the . I'll look for the name of this kayak tour since it was one of the best things we did on Maui (its near Wailea I believe). The "Road to Hana" was great and we actually rented a small cabin in Hana since there was too much to see in 1 day. They have a guided tape/CD you can buy. Don't use that use "Maui Revealed" it suggested off the beaten path places ended up being our favorite paryts of the trip. Nothing to do in Hana but its not the destination but the journey there that matters. Some places are not accessible (i.e. hiking through the bamboo, climbing down steep rocks, etc.) but there was more than enough to do and see in 2 days. Lots of hiking though the best hiking was not accessible. I wanted to go horse back riding but I could not find anyone with saddles that would support me enough (I am a c8-t1).
    Looked at paragliding off of 10,000 foot Haliakela (sp?) but the company looked less than safe and I heard things that made me re-consider.
    I stayed at the Hyatt Regency at Ka'anapali Beach and the beaches were fairly accessible. HALEAKALA - must see sunrise here. Get there early. Takes about 2 hours to drive and I suggest leaving by 3 a.m. so you can get a good spot up front. Otherwise you'll be behind a bunch of standing people.

    Hawai'i - I took my family of 12 on airline and hotel points for my parent's 4oth anniversay. Stayed in this amazing resort so spent a lot of time there hanging out with the family and the nieces and nephews. Hilo is a good day trip to see Volcano National Park and much of it accessible. The observatory on Mauna Kai (sp?) is worth the late evening tour. I think you are lucky ecause whale watching occurs from Dec to April so they may still be around.

    Oh well, That's all for now but I'll look for some of my materials. Buy those books especially for Maui. Have a great trip



      Steve, thanks! I'll get the books asap.

      Any phone numbers or names of the tour companies that you can remember?



        Here's some great info from a para who has a condo there-

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          On Hawaii I believe the tour company that was good was Paradise or something like that(especially for the Mauna Kai observatory tour). Check "The Big Island Revealed" book. These books will also make recommendations on the better tour companies to use.

          On Maui and Kauai we used the tour services that were tied into the hotel and condo where we stayed. The activity "directors/concierges" were very helpful in pointing us to the better companies.



            Hi Phebus
            Here is a good site for access in Hawaii. Aloha!





                Phebus, AAA puts out some great Barrier Free Accessible guides. They can be purchased on Amazon. This one was published in 2002 and is specific to Hawaii.

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