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Hingham Sports Partnership makes a difference

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    Hingham Sports Partnership makes a difference

    Hingham Sports Partnership makes a difference

    Thursday, November 7, 2002

    This year the Sports Partnership has made significant contributions to several groups

    Hingham Sports Partnership is making a difference in people's lives once again. Hingham Sports Partnership is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the athletic programs and facilities for the student athletes in the Hingham community. This organization has not limited itself to athletic programs.

    This year the Sports Partnership has made significant contributions to several groups. For example, it has purchased boats for the New Lincoln Rowing Club and the Hingham High School Sailing team. It has been able to make donations toward the Student Leadership Conference, which conducts workshops for sports captains, student council officers and other club officers.

    If you attended Hingham High School's homecoming this year you probably noticed the new sound system to announce the games. This was another contribution by the Sports Partnership that many groups in the community can appreciate, including the many participants of Hingham Youth Football. There have been significant improvements to the concession stand at the high school. These improvements include a new refrigerator, hot plate, hot dog steamer, tables and electrical upgrades. The partnership also purchased two gas grills. These contributions help several boosters clubs and other groups raise money for their organizations.

    The Hingham Sports Partnership has made a significant difference in creating and enhancing programs for our young people. For example, it has given to the MORE programs at the middle school including transition rock climbing, line dancing, kick boxing and weight training. The Hingham Middle School has received new basketball backboards by the Sports Partnership. Open Gym time on Friday nights at the high school has been a great success. Giving students a safe place to go on the weekends to socialize and have fun has huge benefits for the community as a whole.

    The girls softball team, the boys baseball team and the tennis team received much needed equipment from the partnership. It also funds the filming of four games each season for each varsity team at the high school. The partnership purchased a new digital video camera for the AV department. It recently sponsored a junior golf tournament at South Shore Country Club and awarded the "Athlete of the Year" scholarship to Chris Orr.

    Hingham Sports Partnership tries to meet the needs and makes contributions that will affect the greatest number of people throughout the entire Hingham community of students. However, this year the Sports Partnership saw the opportunity to make a difference in a few people's lives in our community who have been faced with enormous challenges. Mark Lewis a Hingham High School alumni student athlete, had a severe spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic this past year. Transportation was among the many challenges that Mark and his family have had to face since his accident. The Hingham Sports Partnership donated $10,000 toward the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van. Soon after, another Hingham student was faced with a similar challenge.

    David Hoelschein-Thorne, a freshman at HHS, has had medical complications due to cerebral palsy that have made it necessary to be transported by a wheelchair accessible van. Because insurance does not pay for the vans the families are faced with purchasing it themselves. Hingham Sports Partnership helped to ease the burden by donating $10,000 to the David Hoelschein-Thorne fund. Many people in the community helped in the effort.

    Hingham Sports Partnership has only two fund-raisers a year that generate the money that they put back into the community as needed. They have a summer golf tournament that has been held at Cohasset Country Club for the past few years. The other fund-raiser is Comedy Night at the Loring Theater that features comedians like Steve Sweeney. Both events have been a tremendous success thanks to the work of the board members as well as the generosity of local businesses and individuals.

    "Those who seek to predict the future... might first look to the past. The past is a mirror -- and those who ignore its sometimes dark reflection, are doomed to repeat it... Will it be those seeking redemption who shall decide the future... or will those driven only by greed and envy shape our destiny? Even a hundred years later, the outcome is still very much in doubt. .." Outer Limits(Heart's Desire)