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  • The Official CC Hockey League

    Hey, With the popularity of the hockey thread from last year I thought we could use a pool. It's put on by the sporting news and is really easy to use. You get a salary cap and have to choose 6 skaters and a goalie. You get 2 trades per week and it's all free (unless you want more trades).
    You can get the points breakdown there because i don't feel like typing them.

    The division is called: CC Hockey Freaks although you casual fans can join too. there's no password and 30 people can join.

    I've never used html here but here goes: click here to join and if that didn't work just copy and paste this:

    Season starts in a week so get drafting!

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    wow, you don't have to copy and paste anyways


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      oh yeah, you can have more than one team too


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        come on people, i'm getting impatient. Tell your friends too, it's actually unlimited.


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          I dont know man,as many posts as there were on that thread there were only 4 of us who really kept it alive.So it's hard to say how many real fans there are out there.On a more personal note bro i sure look forward to the''LEAFS'' stomping your Sens on our first HNIC of the season [img]/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif[/img]