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Which van conversion works best? Braun or VMI?

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  • Which van conversion works best? Braun or VMI?

    Hi, I am looking at the new ramp-van conversions but would like opinions about which is more reliable, the Braun or Vantage/VMI ramp vans? And, when they break down, which is easier to get into (or out of) ???

    Thanks for the advice in advance

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    I have a VMI ramp for my Chrysler Mini-Van. It comes out from underneath and then the rear passanger side corner of the vehicle lowers a few inches to reduce the angle of the incline.

    In just over a year I've had no problems with the ramp. The lowering/raising feature died once so it was repaired under warrantee.

    hope this helps you.
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      I have an IMS Rampvan. The ramp folds inside of the door, and can be pushed out or in manually with 20 lbs of pressure, and the door can be opened manually, in case of power failure or breakdown. The only disadvantage is the ramp can rattle in the folded position whn going over large bumps (fairly rare). However, I understand the ramps which come from below the floor cannot be opende manually from inside the van and require cleaning every three months because debris from unfolding can foul the mechanism without regular cleaning. The slot where the door slides on the IMS should be cleaned as well but can be accessed easily when the door is open. I have benn very happy with it.


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        any more advice? (thanks guys!)

        I'll be looking at vans this afternoon. My dealer (a quad also) says the VMIs are not good when they break down, that the Braun folded-ramp style is much easier to escape from when it breaks. I have had a IMS since 1995. Talk about rattles from bumps ! I'll be selling that one soon--all the moving parts of the IMS system were replaced within the last 2 years. How much is it worth? A dealer offered me $7300 for it as a tradein. Is this reasonable? Could I sell the van on this forum instead?

        happily dreaming of a new quieter van, Dr2Be


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          I have the IMS Rampvan too and have been quite happy with it so far. My last two vans were Vantage, the ramp system slid out of the floor similar to what's shown in Mike's picture. That was ok but I think IMS' ramp system is a little less complicated and more stable the the Vantage.


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            I am about to purchase a new van for a modification for me to drive. I'm trying to choose between an Amerivan and a Braun conversion. Can anyone please comment on any particular van conversion that you're familiar with or have and pros & cons? its a tough decision as this purchase is for many years.
            Thank you all.
            Best regards


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              Absolutely horrid service from VMI for my van on Maui. I have had good service from Rollx and my next van will be from Rollx.