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field target shooting using high velocity air guns

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  • field target shooting using high velocity air guns

    its a sport more common in europe than here in the states. basic principles are as follows. each shooter gets two shots at a different target that resembles a game animal, i.e, bird, squirrel, rat, badger, deer, etc. these targets are set at greater distances. between 12-75 yds.(10-68 metres) target area or bulls eye are no larger than an 1.25" inch., or 3.10 centimtres.

    the guys i shoot with are those who wish to preserve wildlife, rather than to take it. I personally use Webley & Scott (axor) fx 2000 22. cal 4.5 mil. it has muzzle velociy greater than 800 fps. (243 mps). Being a quad i actually have had no modifications to the rifle. I just make it work. [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]


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    I have a cheapo pellet/BB rifle (Crosman 760) which is not accurate enough for serious shooting, but I have a lot of fun with casual target shooting. No noise or recoil to speak of. This is a nice way for someone to try the shooting sports without committing a lot of money up front. I also have a Winchester 30/30 carbine and several shotguns that I have not yet attempted to fire. I'm a C5 partial quad with total paralysis from the armpits down. With no stomach or lower back muscles to help absorb the recoil, I'm a little worried that I might damage my shoulder. How do any of you deal with this, or should I just stick with the pellet gun?
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      Air guns

      Air gun target shooting is an event at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, and participants include all levels of SCI. Here are some photos from last year:

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