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    Greetings all!
    Does anyone here camp? If so, how? Do you have an adapted Rv or what do you use? Now that summer's here, I get the camping itch. A tent isn't feasible anymore -- not only because of my w/c, but also because of the two kids (it was a small tent!). Let me know what is available.

    you're definately not alone katem... i haven't done much b/c of college & other stuff keeping busy... but i miss camping so much. i was all into the no-trace backpacking prior to my injury. the thing that bugs me the most is being dependant on others - how the heck can i enjoy dragging an attendant w/ me? i guess i haven't found one yet that i could deal with more than a few hours a day - i need a rugged sugar momma (kidding [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img] ).

    but, check out - that's one option i'm aware of on the RV side of things. i've also seen class A motorhomes equipped w/ lifts.




      Here are some previous posts on this:

      I know a number of people in chairs who camp, usually using a larger cabin type tent like this (or even larger):

      Most use a cot of some type with thick foam pads on it for their sleeping surface, although some who have good floor transfers do sleep right on the ground with a foam pad. You want a tent that is large enough for all your sleepers (or put some of the kids in a smaller tent next to yours), that is high enough for you to be inside in your wheelchair, and which has a front door that will allow you to roll easiliy across the fabric threshold when the door is unzipped.

      Of course it helps to pick a campground that has wheelchair accessible toilets or latrines, and someplace that has at least some of the trails and public areas (campfire programs, etc.) that can be wheelchair accessible.

      You could get an RV, but the adapted ones are VERY expensive, use tons of gas and that isn't really it? ;-)


        I just wanted to pass along an idea I had recently. We've been wanting to do some camping without having to worry about available restrooms-- we've done music festivals where there were port-o-potties available and large gatherings on friends' land where they also brought in port-o-potties. But the next time we have some extra money and plan on going camping, I'm going to buy and bring along a tarp (or tarps), a shower chair (with the seat cut out and no wheels) and one of those small, portable potties. Then we'll set up the chair with the little pottie underneath, and place the tarp(s) strategically around the whole set-up, and bam! instant bathroom! I have friends who do something similar with their solar shower, so it all makes sense. Maybe I'll get real adventurous and try the same thing with a solar shower of my own! [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

        Good luck with your future camping endeavors!