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    Quad travel to nyc

    I am a C6 quad who can drive a chair and eat, but otherwise need total care. I would like to take my wife and daughter to New York City. All hotels seem to be accessible for paraplegia, but not for quad's. That is, sparse roll in showers, little room for lift, and no way to push it under the bed. I would like to give my wife a break and hire assistance for shower and bowel program. I figure vans and drivers are easily obtained. Any suggestions on how to arrange the rest?


    Here is one place to start:


      you might want to see if this organization has extra people interersted in
      working for you - you coulkd explain your situation

      I would also truly hope a few calls to any of NYC's independent living centers would put you in touch with some good resources. I think they'd be worth the call.

      Hope this helps



        You might want to try the Alan T. Brown Foundation. I know if Fran Brown personally and she's a wonderful lady to talk with. They're located in New York City and if anyone will have suggestions and ideas she sure will. Check out their web site.


          Thanks to all. I will check all these websites. I'll let everyone know how it works. Any other suggestions, keep them coming!

          - David


            Quad in New York


            I'm a C5/C6 complete and I spent a week in New York last spring. Here are some facts and experiences.


            I lived at the Park Central Hotell situated at the tip of Central Park. It was excellent. Roll in shower, spacious bath etc. The only problem was that you cant get a lift under the bed.

            Park Central Hotel870 7TH AVE. 10019Phone:212-247-8000



            Airport: We used Gray line. The have nice cars were you can sit in your chair and you don't have to pay more than an ordinary taxi. Be careful with Super Shuttle. They didn't show.

            In New York

            The bus system is fantastic. All the buses are easily accesible. We didn't feel the need for a taxi once.


            There is also a system called Acces-A-Ride with wheelchair accesible vans. I haven't tried it.



            We used Unlimited Care which was a disaster don't use it.

            Maybe you can try: