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upper body resistance equipment

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    upper body resistance equipment

    Can anybody tell me where I can find a piece of exercise equipment such as a bungee cord with handles that hooks under a door (or can be secured and removed from another surface) to provide upper body resistance without any clunky, expensive, space hogging equipment? I'm looking for something to build up my arms and shoulders and won't take up space. The bowflex machine looks cool but it requires too much space I think. All I need is something a little more simple. Thanks.

    they have a lot of stuff at Not sure how well it works.



      Have you tried the 'search' icon? Plug in, regardless of forum, the words 'exercise', 'workout' or 'exercise equipment'.

      This should give you some ideas.

      Btw, under this forum I've previously posted a few web links. Page down through the topics, you may find what you're looking for.

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        I havn't tried this. Just saw it advertised on the tube.
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          I Found Exactly What I Need

          The Altus Ultimate Gym. Altus Athletic Mfg. Co. in Oklahoma (800)-654-3955. I found it at WalMart for only $14! It has 2ft. and 4ft. rubber exercise tubes, 2 foam padded handles, plastic fasteners and cloth straps and mesh travel bag. It's easy on the hands even if you don't have a good grip, you can loop it thru on your wrists or inner arm. The kit has a strap that attaches to a door handle, or door knob or bed frame so you can position yourself any way you want to isolate muscle groups and increase/decrease resistence. I am a c6-7 quad and have used it to stretch out and build up my pectorals, biceps, triceps, latissimus dorsi, deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids, brachioradialis, supinators, pronators, wrists and so forth. You can just toss it on a shelf when you're not using it or throw it in a suitcase if you want to take it with you. I honestly feel better, looser and stronger just using it a few times. Get your cardiovascular system pumping and try it!

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