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Revolutionary Science Developed by P.C.I. Eliminates Mental Obstacles to Help Enhance Athletic Performance

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  • Revolutionary Science Developed by P.C.I. Eliminates Mental Obstacles to Help Enhance Athletic Performance

    Revolutionary Science Developed by P.C.I. Eliminates Mental Obstacles to Help Enhance Athletic Performance

    PHOENIX--(BW SportsWire)--March 5, 2002--On the heels of an Olympic Games partially tarnished by athletes' repeated use of banned substances, performance enhancement alternatives have again been thrust into the world spotlight.

    Athletes looking to gain a competitive edge continue to rely on drastic measures to improve performance, when a solution is as simple as training the mind for success, according to Ernest Solivan, developer of Hemispheric Kinesiology and founder of Performance Consultants International.

    Designed for athletes to aid them in removing mental obstacles that hinder an ability to achieve high levels of performance, Solivan's Mind Mastery series helps identify and solve the brain's barriers.

    The program uses a Sports Performance Trigger and attacks the problems on a subconscious level through the use of the brain's two hemispheres -- the right side controlling movement and visual images, the left understanding language, words and numbers.

    "When you engage in a particular activity, your conscious mind sends instructions to your subconscious mind, and the information you access from your subconscious mind will dictate how well or poorly you perform," explained Solivan.

    Each side of the brain must work simultaneously to create optimal performance, but when instructions are accompanied by stress, the subconscious level of the brain responds with a natural reaction to weaken. The stress is caused by trauma stored in the subconscious mind taking the form of a "synthesizing event," or the mind's reaction when an emotion has joined with previously stored subconscious information.

    "When this synthesized information is accessed, it creates stress in the athlete's body, causing one or both hemispheres of his brain to switch off. Hemispheric Kinesiology programs show athletes why they are performing poorly and how to clear these subconsciously stored synthesizing events preventing them from playing their best," said Solivan.

    Solivan has tailored his Mind Mastery series to meet the mental demands of such sports as: golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, football and baseball (pitching and hitting). Using methods taught through a comprehensive book and audiotape, the self-contained, easy-to-understand program is also available for coaches and on the topic of winning.

    Each program is designed to benefit athletes of any age or skill level. More information on improving athletic and coaching performance is available at P.C.I.'s Web site or by calling 602/614-8855.

    About Ernest Solivan

    Since 1985, Solivan's techniques have been successfully utilized on all levels of athletes, from young amateurs to college-level teams, as well as professionals on the PGA/LPGA Tour, in the NFL and Major League Baseball. His unique concepts are a result of practice as a Certified Master Hypnotist and blending theories of hypnosis with muscle-testing techniques to create Hemispheric Kinesiology.

    He has authored his findings in eight books, including "Mastering the Mental Side of Pitching," a collaboration written with former Boston Red Sox pitcher Dick Mills.


    Performance Consultants International, Phoenix

    Ernest Solivan, 602/614-8855