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Brian: Diving /Vacationing at Ambergris Caye

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  • Brian: Diving /Vacationing at Ambergris Caye

    I hope your sore starts showing improvement.
    My condo on Ambergris Caye was part of an 11 unit complex,charming with modern conveniences. It's called The Palms,not to be confused with The Royal Palms, large complex,not as nice. I was involved in the construction process because I bought it as the whole complex was being built. A relative built them and that is how I got involved in layout ad accessibility. It's beach front and ground level with no steps at the front entrance. It has 2 nice size bedrooms w/ 1 1/2 baths. The main bath has an open sink you can roll unerneath. The shower has a 1" lip, but I had a 1" wood grill laid in it which made it easy to get in and out. The toilet has 1 grab bar along the wall. Open living, dining and kitchen area. The kitchen is not fully accessible, but a para could cook. The porch has 3 steps down, but I had a ramp built that was set next to the steps. Diving facilities are everywhere. I was told that a group of paras come every year to dive,but I don't know the name of the organization, it probably could be found on the net though. I could give more details about getting around(locals are helpful and friendly. I also spent time in the jungle. That's a WOW experience.