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American Airlines <-----> Smartdrive

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    American Airlines <-----> Smartdrive

    Do you know what is needed to travel on AA with the SD? I have the Max Mobility IATA document but Qantas needs a Dangerouus Goods Approval.

    There is general information from US Dept Transportation about batteries but I called AA to see if they need a separate document and couldn't get clear info from the Special Assistance person. She started asking for dimensions/specs of the SD and didn't offer any email or form to submit details.

    Does the Dept Transportation site mean that I can just take it with me?

    Per FAA, there are different limits for Lithium-ion batteries in mobility devices.

    (Or if you like reading the legalese.)

    We've flown a number of times on Alaska Airlines and Southwest with my wife's Smoov (similar to a Smartdrive) and never even been questioned about it by the cabin crew. Alaska usually let us put it into the closet near the door. Southwest often doesn't have a closet and so the we just put it in the overhead bin.

    Do carry the letter from just in case someone questions you about the battery size.


      A couple years ago, we flew from Dallas to Miami and back on AA with a SD, I had that that certificate letter with me, but nobody ever asked for it. So I would hope that things go as smoothly these days. Happy Flying!
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