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Hotel bed height and transfers

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    Hotel bed height and transfers

    I’m only a few years in with lateral transfers. I use a board into sedan but not around the house. I deliberately got an adjustable bed so as to skip the boxspring and yield a bed height of about 22”. I scoot across onto commode then into bed. I had a horrible time going out in a Subaru Forester one night (I think 26-27” ground to seat top) and won’t be doing that again.

    I’m now getting ready to travel and realize that all beds are way higher than mine. Our friends invited us for Thanksgiving and their guest bed is 30”! Hotel beds all look to be very thick mattresses sitting on a platform. I once stayed in a motel where they temporarily removed the boxspring for me. This afternoon I asked an Airbnb host whether we can remove the boxspring and he suddenly stopped answering my questions. What do you do?
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    I think there's a saying about not asking "permission", just do it. It's not covered under ADA, unfortunately.