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Splitting wood - safely!

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    Joe-MN, you have a valid point and one that I have considered. Thank the Good Lord he also has me - his soon to be 62-YO helper! We’ve accomplished a LOT with each other’s help! For me as a helper I think it would be less difficult to flop a log horizontally than balance it vertically, but that’s just me.


      How large are the rounds, and how many you are splitting?
      If small, and not a large quantity, maybe one of the conical wedges, powered by an electric drill, like this would work:

      Probably need a good corded drill, I doubt a cordless one would do it, unless the wood was short and pretty straight grained.

      I used one of these, 40 years ago, to split wood:

      I was younger then, but it worked well. It kinda of "stores" the energy of the hammer, between blows, so you don't have to split it in one hard swing.
      Over a couple of weeks, after work, I managed to split the rounds from a 100 foot tall fir tree, my neighbor felled and bucked to firewood length.
      If I were doing it today, especially for small amounts, I would use a shorter handle, 3 pound engineers hammer, or similar.
      I'm a 67 yr old para, 63 years post injury.

      Good luck.


        Thanks for the suggestion. I would say the largest diameter is 8-10” which is why they need to be split. We’re leaning toward an electric log splitter.


          As a 62 yo - I still use a horizontal gas splitter. However, logs that are too heavy I have to either split with a mauler or use the chainsaw to cut logs in half. Just depends on the size and weight.
          I do intend to get a vertical, because it will be easier to deal with large logs, tried my buddy's vertical splitter last year. As for picking up split wood, sometimes you have to be creative. I usually use a bow rake to pull the split wood into a yard cart then tilt the cart back up and roll the wood to the wood rack. A little bit easier on the back.