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Travel to Tijuana, Mexico

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    Travel to Tijuana, Mexico

    For anyone in the southwestern states looking to cross the border and experience a little bit of Mexico, although not the "resort" area, I've made the trip from Central California down to Tijuana recently and it's not too bad. Crossing the border was simple both directions for me, just be sure to check CBP border wait times on their website. There are a lot of hotels with roll-in showers and those rooms usually have the beds on posts/stilts so that makes it easy to use a Hoyer lift. Biggest problem with the rooms is that it's extremely hard to find a queen size bed, it's almost always full/double beds, I think because there is a lot of "medical tourism" and therefore people travel there with caregivers and need separate beds.

    The main roads are pretty decent, but if you get off the main drag the roads are pretty bad and very hilly. There are tons of restaurants all over, plus Uber eats can deliver you whatever you want. They also have great winery area, kind of their own "Napa Valley" about 1.5 hours south.

    Timm Aguirre helped me out when I first went, and his way of finding hotels is pretty good! If anyone has any other questions for me, I'll do my best to answer!
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    I never drive my car into Mexico at the Tijuana border. You have to buy Mexican car insurance, and there are many vehicle thefts that occur in that area. Car jackings are also common, and if you get stopped by a Mexican policeman for a traffic "violation", you need to be prepared to pay a cash "mordida" (bribe) on the spot or risk going to jail.

    If you really want to go to Tijuana, stay in the USA (San Diego area) and take the light rail San Diego Trolley to the border (wheelchair accessible). It's only about 1/4 mile from there to the most popular tourist areas on La Revolution Blvd. Don't be tempted to park in the parking lots on the USA side of the border either...the highest rate of car thefts in the area take place in those lots.

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      Glad your trip worked out...